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I’m a user (experience) researcher, designer, and facilitator specializing in bridging the gap between evidence and application. As a researcher, I combine cognitive and behavioral science insights with human-centered design principles to rigorously, rapidly, and actionably reveal untapped value for organizations and users

I enjoy partnering with multi-stakeholder teams, including senior leaders, to overcome complex product, service, and innovation challenges through collaborative processes like Design and Research Sprints. I’ve worked closely with organizations like American Express, Gucci, AB InBev, VM O2, Madison Reed, BD, and various non-profits to create new digital products and services and to refine existing experiences to meet customer needs in rapidly changing environments.


Most recently, I was a Senior Consultant and the UX Research Lead at AJ&Smart, where I established end-to-end research operations, led Design, Iteration, and Product Strategy Sprints, and continue to freelance. Before that, I conducted primarily qualitative research for academic and policymaking audiences on behalf of the Council of Europe, UNESCO, and more. I hold master's degrees in public policy and social science (Hertie School, University of Freiburg) and a design thinking certificate from the D.School at HPI/University of Potsdam. I built my first website in 1997 and have worked in digital product and service creation, one way or another, since 2006. 

Say hello for work samples or more information.

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